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Cut through the noise.

Creative Branding and Marketing for Artists, Labels & Venues.

Focus on what you do best 
we’ll handle the rest.

The tools available for independent artists to manage their own careers have never been better — but they shouldn’t detract from spending more time on your work.

Find your voice,
find your audience.

Unique marketing, quality social engagement and a strong and clear brand message will help set you apart.

Shine on stage   
and online. 

A majority of your potential new fans will discover you online. Whether its from social media, streaming services, blogs or the next viral hit, you making the best first impression?

That all sounds fun,
but what do you do?

Simply put, we offer Creative Branding and Marketing for Artists, Labels & Venues.

Brand your band.
We specialize in branding and marketing of bands and artists with one simple goal: reach more new potential fans and customers and look great doing it.


Strategic Content Rollout
Putting out a new single or album? We can do everything from design the album art and matching marketing to creating a targeted advertising campaign  
—  even get your music on streaming sites.


Booking a tour?
Reaching out to new promoters, venues and cities is never easy. And it will be even harder if your online image isn’t working as hard as you are! Custom designed tour posters, matching social media ads and a Online Overhaul all ensure new promoters and fans alike are getting the best experience.


Marketing for Venues
Quality marketing is just as important for your venue as it is for the bands you work with. Most of your audience will find your next show via social media; are you making the most of each platform? 

Not a band? Still get the rockstar treatment.

Although we specialize in working with artists, bands, DJ’s, producers, singer/songwritters, venues, labels, promoters, etc, our unique approach to branding works perfectly for cafes to chiropractors; and everything in-between!  

Start today.

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